Bond Cleaners East Brisbane – Get 100% Bond Back Guarantee

Bond back guarantee is the benefit for which every tenant strives hard. But many of them cannot get due to poor quality of end of lease cleaning services. It is necessary to invest money if you want to earn something. It is the same in the case of the bond back guarantee. You can get the full bond money back only when the cleaning of the house is up to the mark.

We are the topnotch bond cleaners East Brisbane giving bond cleaning services to Brisbane and nearby areas.

Our specialties are as under:

  • We clean the floors, walls, curtains, and carpets with mild soaps and environmental products.
  • Our company provides different times slots to the customers for their comfort and convenience.
  • We provide services on weekends and public holidays.
  • Our cleaners are well-trained and qualified in handling all the cleaning products, solutions and tools effectively.
  • We provide various bond cleaning packages for different size of homes.
  • Our experienced staff does not damage any article or furniture in the home.
  • We will arrive at your place on a single call or a message.
  • Our bond cleaning company will take up the process of cleaning again in case your landlord is not satisfied with the work.
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72 Hours Guarantee

The service promises 72 hours for your peace of mind.

No Time Limits

It’s done when it’s clean. Usually 3 to 5 hours.

Constant Quality

Constant quality inspections, reports and on-site standards.

Key Pick Up

To ease both landlords and tenants moving out.

Cheap Bond Cleaning Services East Brisbane

Different from other bond cleaning companies, our end of lease cleaning services in East Brisbane includes the following tasks:

1. Room Cleaning

We clean the floors, walls, ceiling fans and carpets with good solutions and shampoos. In addition to that, our professional cleaners wash curtains, sofa covers, rugs, and doormats. Window cleaning is also included in our packages. Furthermore, we remove the stains and black marks from the walls. We also provide carpet steam cleaning services at reasonable rates.

2. Kitchen Cleaning

The next section is kitchen cleaning wherein we clean the kitchen drawers from outside and inside. We also clean the cabinets and cupboards from both sides. Our professional team uses powerful products to remove oil and greasy spots from gas stoves, microwaves, and range hoods. Apart from that, we clean the wash areas with brushes and mop the floors too.

3. Bathroom Cleaning

We clean various bathroom accessories such as taps, showers, shelves, and drawers. Besides that, we clean the bathtubs and sink also.

If you want the best cheap bond cleaning services in East Brisbane, contact Singhz Bond Cleaning Brisbane by a phone call, message or an email. We promise to help you in receiving the full bond money at the end of the lease time.