Bond Cleaning Company Brisbane Privacy Policy

Our company is committed to protecting your personal information. We normally collect your personal details from the website or from you. Before taking our services, it is advisable to go through our privacy policy carefully. You can call us if you have any doubt in the privacy policy. When you provide your personal information, we assume that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions before booking our services. If you do not want to provide us your personal details, you can do it. In that case, you cannot use our site and some products and services cannot be offered to you.

1. Which Details Do We Collect?

The personal details we collect from you are set out on our site. If we get your personal details from third parties, we will protect it as written in the privacy policy.

2. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

Our bond back cleaning company Brisbane collects and used your personal information for the purpose of communication and to contact you. We also collect your personal details for marketing and internal record keeping.

3. Do We Provide Your Personal Information to Outside Parties?

Generally, our company does not sell or transfer your personal information to outside parties. The parties do not include trusted third parties who conduct our business, provide services to you and operating the website. Additionally, we provide your personal information if required as per the law. We also provide non-personally identifiable visitor information for the purpose of marketing and advertising.

4. Access and Rectification of Personal Information

Access: You can gain access to some personal details that we hold as per the rules in privacy act. Under some circumstances as per the privacy act, we may not give personal information that we hold.
Correction: If you find that your personal information is incomplete, misleading or out of date, send us an email. If there are some changes in personal information, we respond to changes within a reasonable time. Additionally, we will correct the information if it is out of date or inaccurate.

5. Complaints

If you find that our company is not working as per the rules of privacy act, contact us via email.

6. Security of Your Personal Information

We ensure to keep secure all your personal details.
If you have any doubts or questions about our privacy policy, contact us by sending an email on our email address.