Terms and Conditions of Singhz Bond Cleaning Company Brisbane

Note: Please read all the terms and conditions before selecting our services. By choosing a service, you agree to accept the terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions may change at any time. We will inform you about the changes in our terms and conditions by putting them on our website.


Our estimates are based on room sizes. We can change the estimates anytime if the property is different from the described laws. Besides that, we have the right to change the estimate if the property is larger in size than what is described.

Access to the Property

1. You should provide us access to your property when there is a due date of service. You can also keep the keys out in case you are not available at the time of service. Failure to provide access may lead to 50% cancellation fees.

2. If you cancel the services after our cleaners arrive, we will deduct 50% of your paid amount and give you the balance refund.

3. Failure to provide running water and electricity is subject to non-refundable fees.

Payment and late payment conditions

1. You have to make advance payment through the bank before our team starts to work in your property.

2. When our company agrees to provide an invoice to the customer after the completion of services; he must pay the full amount due on the same day of the services.

3. If the payment is not done within 24 hours of the invoice date, you are liable to pay the late payment.


1. There are no cancellation charges if you inform us before 2 days of service due date.

2. Singhz Bond Cleaning Brisbane cleaners may refuse to work on the properties which are unsafe for their health.

3. Our company can cancel the appointment if the property is not in good condition as mentioned.

End of Lease Back Guarantee Laws

1. We return the full charge if the issues are on our checklist.
2. If you want to claim the guarantee, it is necessary to mail us before 3 days (excluding public holidays or weekends).


1. You should indemnify the company against the losses and liabilities arising due to a breach of warranties of the customers.
2. You must also indemnify the company against all the legal expenses incurred by it including the expenses of arbitration, action and other proceedings such as out of court settlement or action which is taken to recover the debt from you.

Laws and Jurisdiction

The customer and the company both accept that this agreement is interpreted as per the laws of the state. Further, the customer and company both agree to approach the courts if there are any disputes.


All the points mentioned in this agreement are protected by international copyright laws and should be used for personal use and reference only. These points can be altered, copied, published, transmitted or reproduced only after taking written permission from our company.